What to Look For in an Optometry EHR

itrust optometry ehr

When deciding to move a practice into the 21rst century there are a lot of decisions to make. The first and most cost effective move is to implement an EHR program to reduce paperwork and protect your patientsโ€™ information efficiently. The best EHR programs will integrate a practice management system and automate a lot of the mundane tasks at your practice. These tasks include scheduling, patient intake forms, patient history, pre-testing data entry, office performance surveys, appointment reminders, and patient recall. This โ€œbusy workโ€ often bogs down staff and relieving them of these tasks can improve staff morale and productivity…as well as reducing payroll! In an ideal world we would have the ability to replace a part-time staff member with a practice management system. Well let me introduce you to your newest staff member, ready to work for you 24/7 with no breaks and no vacation days: iTRUST Cloud EHR and Automated Practice Management.
One of the leading optometry EHRs, iTRUST Cloud EHR and Automated Practice Management, has the ability to automatically copy over data from the previous yearsโ€™ exam and auto-fill common or normal findings, so doctors spend considerably less time charting. The integrated patient portal allows patient history and intake forms to be filled-out electronically prior to the patientโ€™s visit. iTRUST is also integrated with the most up-to-date contact lens supplier data so the appropriate parameters for the patientโ€™s specific contact lens prescription is automatically populated in their chart and can simply be โ€œfinalizedโ€ to push a prescription through, all with just a few clicks. This helps to prevent mis-prescribing and also reduces the time that it takes to otherwise manually look this information up.

iTRUST is an ideal example of a system that incorporates all of this, rolled up in their standard software system. Several communication features are seamlessly integrated into the system and included at no additional cost. First is a two-way text communication tool for appointment reminders and recall. The second is the ability to e-prescribe directly to pharmacies and fax referrals doctors via an integrated HIPPA secured E-fax. There is even an online scheduler included for patient bookings directly on your office website.
As you start to evaluate EHR systems, itโ€™s important to consider your specific needs. Ideally, the right choice EHR will meet your core requirements for your practice, give you the flexibility to access the system from anywhere, and be customizable to your specific number and type of users. You will want to find a system that gives you a transparent pricing schedule and avoid a system that charges for software updates. Find a system that gives you freedom and wonโ€™t lock you into a contract or charge you to download or access your data. One of the only systems that checks all of those boxes and more, is iTRUST Cloud EHR and Automated Practice Management. We recommend iTRUST as the most comprehensive, flexible, and cost-effective optometry EHR in the market today!
iTRUST Cloud EHR and Automated Practice Management will be your new โ€œEmployee of the Monthโ€โ€ฆevery month going forward.

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