Risk free trial with no credit card required 


Risk free trial with no credit card required

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Leading teams grow with iTRUST.

High Quailty Integration Partners

Leverage our partnerships to give you the even more tools you need to grow your business and be successful.

Hundreds of 5 Star Reviews and Counting

Free and easy to switch from your old system

Our IT team will migrate and preserve your patient data from your legacy software quickly making the onboarding easy.


Save money with custom built exam templates in the cloud EHR that adapt to your requirements.

โ€ข Customize exam notes based on your workflows.

โ€ข Massive selection of optometry charting templates built by doctors like yours.

โ€ข Create timesaver workflows to finalize patient exams faster.

โ€ข All the exam data you need at a glance on the exam overview.

Learn more about EHR charting


Have better patient communication and retention with our efficient appointment book.

โ€ข Send automated appointment text / email messages

โ€ข Easily see your day in a glance with color coded exam procedures

โ€ข Reschedule appointments with drag and drop and in 1 click

โ€ข Clearly navigate multiple doctors or single doctor appointments

Learn more about our smart calendar


Seamlessly create, send, and manage all patientsโ€™ prescriptions.

โ€ข Transmit RXs to any valid e-Prescribing pharmacy and lab in the world.

โ€ข Realtime database updating to ensure the most accurate codes and medications.

โ€ข Auto coding to save physicians time with reducing medical errors.

โ€ข Easy access to previous prescriptions to gain insights on sequential prescribing patient management.

Learn more about e-Prescribing


Seamlessly communicate to patients via 2 way texting, automate appointment reminders, and recalls.

โ€ข Automated and direct messaging promotes a 5 star patient experience.

โ€ข Easily add or select from system contacts to transmitted reports to.

โ€ข Customized message templates enables endless marketing opportunities.

โ€ข Gain patientโ€™s trust with direct text messaging and save time with appointment auto confirmation via a patient response Learn more about patient text messaging


Never miss a patientโ€™s phone call with our VoIP phone system.

โ€ข Our Phone POP feature keeps your office up to speed on the patient with real time patient data.

โ€ข Get freedom from old legacy phone systems and traditional communication methods.

โ€ข Have your own dedicated business phone line using your current or new number. Learn more about iTRUST Voice


Accept payments and let patients pay anytime.

โ€ข A simple payment process, that will make your work flow efficient.

โ€ข Secure, fast, and trusted payment gateway to stay in compliance guidelines.

โ€ข Flexibility to pay by all major cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.


Say goodbye to manual work during the billing process and gain valuable insurance insights.

โ€ข With our unique offer you have flexibility to Submit either vision or medical claims.

โ€ข Outsource all your office billing to managed all your claims anyplace anytime.

โ€ข Interactive reporting tables to track and manage all your insurance balances.

โ€ข Stay in compliance with our auto coding and pre claim validation features.

EDI Clearnighouse

Easily submit digital insurance claims directly in iTRUST with no additional third party.

โ€ข Add on iTRUST EDI Clearinghouse to your service to make claim submission efficient.

โ€ข Secure digital claim submission to any of your vision or medical insurances payers.

โ€ข Set up submission schedules to automatically submit your claims.

โ€ข Free staff time from dealing with claim submission and submission redundant tasks.

Lear more about iTRUST EDI Clearinghouse


Our intuitive ordering and invoicing features are easy to learn and use for an optician or optical associate.

โ€ข Reduce your manual entry with our smart inventory tracking.

โ€ข Prefill exam final prescriptions to have an effective order work flow.

โ€ข Create customized lab orders to be sent direct to your optical laboratory

โ€ข Save time to bill the patient and generate insurance claims all in one spot. Learn more about

Learn more about Optical Point of Sale Software๏ปฟ

โ€ข Reduce your manual entry with our smart inventory tracking. โ€ข Prefill exam final prescriptions to have an effective order work flow. โ€ข Create customized lab orders to be sent direct to your optical laboratory. โ€ข Save time to bill the patient and generate insurance claims all in one spot. Learn more about

Customize your patients experience when making appointments on your website.

โ€ข Easily link iTRUST calendar to your website with little or no IT support. โ€ข Advance calendar settings to have online patient booking the way you want. โ€ข Gain powerful patient insights with customized intake forms to be filled out electronically at home. โ€ข Create survey questions to attract more potential patients, and track referral sources.

Expand your practices boundaries and go globe with our telehealth software.

โ€ข Perform at home patient visits and generate more revenue.

โ€ข Securely save all telemed exam documents and stay in compliance. โ€ข Save your patients time and money and reduce travel and chair time. โ€ข Streamline your office with no additional cost to use our innovated telemed platform.

Easily manage your website efficiently and customized the way you want it. โ€ข Choose from our iTRUST website template gallary or port in your current website. โ€ข Easily add-on the website service when you are a current member of iTRUST. โ€ข Peace of mind that all your website data will be secured on our complaint secure servers. โ€ข Free yourself of long term contracts and fee monthly fees that are associated competitor vendors.

Quick look inside

Secure, Compliant, and Certified

Stay on the cutting edge of technology in the cloud

Being a part of iTRUST gives you access to web services and Microsoft Azure; the most secure HIPAA compliant data servers.

โ€ข Never download any software and always be up to date with the latest features. โ€ข Peace of mind to never manage data, and that your data is backed up daily at multiple locations. โ€ข We are always ensuring our data storage and security are tested and measured regularly. โ€ข HIPAA complaint and certified to only ensure the best safety of patient data.

Direct Eye Care Provider Feedback

โ€œUnparalleled ease-of-use and performance in comparison to other EHR software I have used.โ€

Collette Larsen, OD

โ€œI would definitely recommend iTRUST. You could not ask for a better customer service experienceโ€ฆโ€

Kiara Banerjee, OD

โ€œiTRUST is by far the best EHR I have ever used, I trust iTRUST with my day to day operations!โ€

Mark Jackson, OD

โ€œโ€ฆ iTRUST has a great team is a great company to work with!โ€

Sam Wright, OD

โ€˜โ€[iTRUST EHR] Security features give me more peace of mind then I could have ever imagined.โ€

Darnell Hunt, OD

โ€œiTRUST EHR has become the backbone of our practice.โ€

Kenneth Dong, MD

Simple Transparent Pricing

An EHR thatโ€™s perfect for you starting at $99 per doctor per location

No hidden fees or no contracts makes for the most transparent pricing on the market.

โ€ขImplementation, training, set up, and customer service all included. โ€ข A risk free trial with no credit card or payment required. โ€ข Includes unlimited staff accounts pricing based on per doctor per location. Learn more about what is  included



$ 99/M per doctor / location
  • 33% Savings over pay monthly
  • Unlimited Staff Accounts
  • No Set Up Fee & No Contract
  • Free Patient Data Transfer
  • Free World Class Support
  • Free Lifetime Updates

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