What does it mean to have white eyes?

What does it mean to have white eyes? The medical term for this white eye reflex or reflection is leukocoria – leukos means white and kore means pupil. In humans it occurs when there is an abnormal light reflection in the eye. It will show up most often in photographs, or in low light levels. Can…
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What is special about blue eyes?

1. Only 8 Percent of the World’s Population Has Blue Eyes If you have got blue eyes, you might just belong to one of the world’s most exclusive groups without realizing it! Since blue eyes are genetically recessive, only 8 percent of the world’s population has blue eyes. While blue eyes are significantly less common…
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Can people have amber eyes?

How Rare are Amber Eyes? You can can see commonly in the animal kingdom such as birds, wolves, felines, or owls, amber-colored eyes in humans is very rare. Like hazel eyes, just 5% of the world’s population has them, making them one of the rarest colors in the world. Unlike brown eyes Amber eyes are…
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12 reasons to use iTRUST EHR and Practice Management for your optometry office company.

As a business owner, you have a lot of moving parts, and you need a system that can keep up. You need an EHR system that is secure, customizable, and scalable. That’s why we recommend iTRUST EHR and Practice Management. Here are 12 reasons why:   iTRUST EHR and Practice Management is a secure platform.…
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7 Golden Tips on How to Capture More Contact Lens Sales

As an optometrist, one of your main goals is to make sure that your patients have the right prescription for their needs. But let’s be honest – we also want to make sure that we’re capturing as many contact lens sales as possible. After all, that’s how we keep the lights on and pay our…
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