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Electronic Health Records (EHRs): Things Optometrists Should Know About EHRs

What is an Optometrist? An eye care professional with a degree in Optometry is called an Optometrist. Optometrists use glasses and contact focal points to check the vision and medical issues and right refractive blunders.  A few optometrists likewise give treatment and vision treatment to the outwardly hindered. They also examine the eyes to analyze…
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Seven Ways to Add Revenue to Your Optometry Practice; Smart Work Over Hard Work

The reason practices has been suffering from revenue issues is due to to a variety of factors. These factors range from the growth in the strictness of regulations, constant changes in the payment and reimbursement models, and declining wages to some medical practitioners. Other than these recurring problems, medical billing issues like reimbursement delays, the…
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Improved Patient Care using EHRs

Technology today has taken leaps of improvement in health care and is an indispensable tool in our lives. Let’s take a look at the significant role in each activity that we perform.  It is well known that technology equips a significant proportion of medical research as well as medical procedures. However, an often overlooked part…
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Easy Ways to Call Patients for Recall

Are you getting your patients rescheduled for further checkups and other treatment guidelines? No? Then what are you doing? You are missing out on so much. Why Recall Patients? When taking the oath of an eye doctor, you pledge that the patient’s health will be your first consideration. But if you don’t recall your patients…
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What to Look For in an Optometry EHR

When deciding to move a practice into the 21rst century there are a lot of decisions to make. The first and most cost effective move is to implement an EHR program to reduce paperwork and protect your patients’ information efficiently. The best EHR programs will integrate a practice management system and automate a lot of…
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