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What are hazel eyes considered?

Hazel eyes are definitely one of the trickier eye colors to pin down. What color is hazel exactly? Hazel eyes are usually a combination of brown, green, and gold, although they can appear to look like any of those colors at a distance. Hazel often means that the inside of an individual’s iris is a…
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What is special about brown eyes?

Your mother and even grandmother may still remind you of how unique and valuable you are (no matter how embarrassing it may be), but if you have brown eyes, you may just feel like you’re another number in the crowd. However, brown eyes are a bit more unique than you may not be aware of.…
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Should an optometrist be addressed as Dr? What should I call an optometrist?

The rule is either ‘Dr.‘ before, or the post-nominal abbreviation for their degree after. Never both at the same time. —-Envelope or address block on an email: ——–(Full Name), OD —-—-(Name of practice or clinic) —-—-(Address) —-Envelope, social: ——–Dr. (Full Name) —-—-(Address) ————Note: it is never Dr. (Full Name), OD —-Letter salutation: —-—-Dear Dr. (Surname):

What types of information are found in an EHR?

An Electronic Health Records Just the Basics An electronic health record (EHR) contains patient health information, such as: Patient demographics Progress notes Vital signs Medical histories Diagnoses Medications Immunization dates Allergies Radiology images Administrative and billing data Lab and test results An EHR is more than just a digital copy of a regular old paper chart in…
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What is EMR in Optometry?

EMRs are modern, and they eliminate the need for paper and printed charts at your doctor’s office. Optometrists must learn to utilize an EMR properly if they want to provide their patients with helpful and necessary services. It has essentially become a necessary software in the field of Optometry. EMR in the field of optometry…
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