Streamline College Healthcare Management with iTRUST

  • Tailored for Colleges: Custom-designed platform addressing unique needs of college health centers.
  • Enhance Efficiency: Streamline administrative workflows for seamless healthcare delivery.
  • Elevate Care: Empower health professionals to provide top-notch services to students with precision and ease.
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Streamline College Healthcare Management with iTRUST
Core Benefits

Core Benefits

  • Dedicated Amazon Web Services & Microsoft Azure cloud server.
  • Programmed specifically for scalability and processing speed.
  • Designed for a small IT footprint with no special hardware required.
  • Intuitive design with minimal to no learning curve.
  • All inclusive: bespoke customizations, proprietary features, remote training, and updates included.
  • Dedicated IT support team for immediate attention and zero down time.
  • Reliable, secure, and unlimited data storage and access.
  • Increased bottom-line performance potential.
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World Renowned Charting

  • Organise data in a simple, ergonomically designed format.
  • Easy to learn “electronic paper” design with very low learning curve.
  • Designate exam defaults to maximise time savings.
  • Add or remove procedures with ease.
  • Automatically copy forward previous data for established patients.
  • Use one of many included default exam templates.Or allow your team or doctors to customise templates from the ground up.
  • Create timesaving workflows to finalise patient exams faster.
  • Expedite exam data review with the condensed exam overview.
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World Renowned Charting
Strong Support

Strong Support

  • Easy system access to iTRUST and IT Ticket Generation system.
  • Instant access to live interactive online user manual & training materials.
  • Dedicated onboarding team to get stores up and running fast.

Simple Integration

  • Dedicated IT team for custom built integration
  • Pre-testing, digital imaging, and remote exam device integration.
  • Integration with third-party practice management programs.
  • Third-party scheduling system integration
  • Insurance clearinghouse integration, direct claim billing, and auto posting remittance.
  • HL7, DICOM, HIPAA integration protocols.
Simple Integration
Customize and Thrive

Customize and Thrive

  • Customized user privileges and access by administrative role.
  • Access patient data by geographic region or specific store locations.
  • Show data the way you want to meet specific company requirements.

“I Could Not Ask for a Better All-in-One Optometry Software for My Private Office”

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