Benefits of iTRUST Electronic Prescribing

As an optometrist, one of the most critical aspects of your job is prescribing the right medications to your patients. Your patients rely on you to provide them with the best treatment possible, iTRUST keeps in mind that it is crucial that you are able to manage their prescriptions seamlessly.

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Better Patient Safety

  • The safety of patients is paramount in with iTRUST. The use of traditional paper-based and other software prescriptions can lead to medication errors, such as illegible handwriting and incorrect dosages, which can result in adverse drug events. iTRUST E-prescribing significantly reduces the occurrence of medication errors by eliminating the possibility of illegible handwriting and using iTRUST AI auto coding.
  • With iTRUST E-prescribing, optometrists can access a patient’s prescription history, including medications prescribed by other healthcare providers. Our auto coding with you save time and ensure better patient safety.
Better Patient Safety
Time and Cost Saving

Increased Efficiency

  • iTRUST E-prescribing is a the most efficient method of prescribing medication compared to traditional technologies . With iTRUST E-prescribing, optometrists can electronically create and send prescriptions to pharmacies within seconds, significantly reducing the amount of time patients spend waiting for their medication.
  • iTRUST E-prescribing also eliminates the need for patients to physically carry paper prescriptions to the pharmacy. Additionally, iTRUST E-prescribing provides real-time access to a patient’s prescription history, allowing optometrists to quickly check for medication errors, refill requests, and prescription renewals. This helps to improve patient outcomes and overall patient satisfaction.

Faster Record Keeping

  • iTRUST E-prescribing improves communication and collaboration between optometrists and pharmacists. With iTRUST E-prescribing, optometrists can electronically send prescriptions to the pharmacy, reducing the likelihood of miscommunication and errors associated with traditional paper-based prescriptions. With iTRUST the pharmacists can also quickly verify prescription information and provide feedback to the optometrist if necessary.
  • iTRUST E-prescribing also enables optometrists to share patient information with other healthcare providers in one click. This is particularly beneficial when patients are referred to other healthcare providers, as it ensures continuity of care and reduces the likelihood of medication errors.
Faster Record Keeping
Achieve Compliance

Achieve Compliance

  • iTRUST E-prescribing enables optometrists to adhere to regulatory requirements and reduce compliance-related issues. With iTRUST E-prescribing, optometrists can automatically check for drug interactions, dosage errors, and contraindications, ensuring that prescriptions comply with regulatory requirements.
  • Also, iTRUST E-prescribing improves prescription accuracy and ensures that patients receive the correct medication in the appropriate dosage. This reduces the likelihood of medication errors, adverse drug events, and patient harm, ensuring that optometrists are compliant with regulatory requirements and ethical standards.
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