What Is The Most Accurate Eye Exam For Glasses?

Vision problems are something we all suffer from, and it is anything but extraordinary. Most of the time, you might not want to spend much time in an eye clinic. Especially in the terrible days of the pandemic, it was pretty much impossible.


This is where digital eye exams come in. As the name suggests, digital eye exams are eye tests done through computerized supervision. Now, what do these eye exams help with, and are they approved for getting the right lens?

What does a digital eye exam mean?

The same components of a typical eye exam are covered by a digital eye test, which has introduced optometry as a relatively new technique. They are employed to detect vision issues. Additionally, they do a better job of guaranteeing clear eyesight and overall eye health.ย 


Modern digital imaging techniques enable eye physicians and optometrists to give patients the most accurate prescription measurements available. This is crucial for receiving the accurate prescription for the right spectacles.ย 

These include digital sensors that scan for underlying eye diseases and produce an accurate reference to your optical prescription using cutting-edge technology. Instead of having the eye doctor perform the entire eye exam manually, these devices accelerate the process and take less time than that of a traditional test. Your eye doctor uses the measurements and photos collected during your eye exam to determine your prescription for glasses and evaluate the condition of your eyes.

Differences between digital eye exams & traditional eye examsย 

A digital eye test follows a similar procedure to a more conventional exam, especially for the refraction part. Your optical prescription is determined by a refraction test, which an eye specialist performs.


A computerized phoropter that is lowered in front of you automatically generates an initial prescription using the software. The beginning line has shifted forward, resulting in a shorter refraction test, although the optometrist will still adjust to that outcome.


Some digital devices do away with the mask-like apparatus and require you to rest your chin in front of a funnel-shaped device with a lens in the center. This also makes use of digital software to generate a precise prescription that takes your cornea’s curvature into account โ€“ helpful for contact lens prescriptions.


Hence, optometry through both digital and traditional approaches follows the same sequence, except that the digital approach is regarded to be more convenient and accurate.ย 

What to expect in a digital eye exam procedure?

A local optician will help you enter your medical history on a tablet when you first visit the optometry center. The remote optometrist you will meet uploads and reviews this information. A few tests will be used as part of the optician’s pre-screening to create pictures of your eyes, ensuring that you get the most accurate prescription possible.


The phoropter (a device used to examine your eyes) and a monitor will be placed in front of you once you’ve been led into the examination room. And after the test is over, you’ll be handed over with a prescription and every detailed info about your eye.ย 

Inside a digital retinal imaging testย 

The optometry sector now makes digital retinal cameras that provide an incredible image of the inside of the eye, thanks to the development of digital photography. In computerized retinal imaging, the image of the eye is very detailed. This image can be compared to images obtained during subsequent examinations and is used to screen for eye disorders.


The physician will repeat the examination with a more excellent resolution and further imaging tests, like fundus photography, ocular coherence tomography (OCT), and B-scan ultrasonography, if a disorder or disease is discovered. Regular digital retinal imaging is frequently carried out at a lesser resolution as a baseline examination and for screening purposes.

The Clarifye Eye Testย 

LensCrafters offers Clarifye, a thorough digital eye examination. It provides incredibly accurate measurements of a patient’s visual system’s optical properties. Clarifye can detect even the slightest alterations that develop over time.


In order to achieve this, a larger portion of the visual system rather than just the pupil is measured. This minutely accurate mapping produces a digital “fingerprint” of the eye that includes the precise curvature and dimensions of the cornea.


When it comes to identifying or managing other medical conditions like diabetes or glaucoma, Clarifye is beneficial. Additionally, by reducing starburst and halo effects around lights, it can shed light on frequent night vision problems that may hinder night driving.

Three reasons to choose Clarifyeย 

  • Kid-friendlyย 

Kids are, first and foremost, warmly welcomed. They are vibrant and alive, and getting your first set of glasses is an exhilarating experience.

Clarifye is made to assist you in navigating pediatric eye tests in light of this. Especially when it is difficult to obtain correct feedback because of fear, excitement, or an unexpected rush of shyness.

Additionally, Clarifye gives you a side-by-side comparison of your child’s vision.

  • Improvising contact lens evaluationย 

The digital footprint Clarifye enhances the capacity to assess you for contact lens wear because contacts rest on the front of your eye. Choosing the proper power, shape, and size for your eye is a part of this process.

This is just one of the many factors that make optometry offices proud of their capacity to fit and assess any motivated patients for contact lenses, even scleral lenses.

  • Night visions & day visionsย 

Have you ever noticed a difference in your vision from day to night? In actuality, dimly lit areas cause your pupil to enlarge. If not appropriately evaluated, this could result in blurry night vision.

You’re in luck because Clarifye offers measures for both day and night vision. It also enables you to simulate how your eyesight would seem at different times of day and night. This can considerably lessen any nighttime glare, starburst, or halo effects you experience.


Optometry has taken new heights, thanks to initialization in the health care sector. More than ever, we are getting accuracy in every kind of test result. Hence, when you are about to get glasses, you know which option to choose.ย 

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