Easy steps to sell multiple eyeglass pairs at your office

Introduction: While most people understand the value of having multiple pairs of shoes or jeans, the same cannot be said for glasses. Many consumers are unaware of the benefits that come with owning more than one pair of glasses. This article explores the strategies employed by an eye doctor and their team to educate consumers on the value of multiple pairs and the positive impact it had on their optical business.

  1. Role-playing and Lifestyle Assessment:
    1. The eye doctor and their opticians recognized the importance of understanding consumers’ lifestyles. They engaged in role-playing exercises to practice asking relevant questions about their daily activities and work environments. By understanding their patients’ needs, they were better equipped to recommend additional pairs of glasses tailored to specific activities.
  2. Planting the Seed:
    1. The front desk staff at the eye doctor’s practice played a crucial role in setting the stage for multiple pairs. Patients were encouraged to bring all their glasses to their appointments to emphasize the idea that owning multiple pairs is standard. Technicians engaged in casual conversations with patients, discussing their hobbies, professions, and activities, and highlighting how additional glasses could enhance their visual experience. This approach often sparked interest in acquiring new pairs.
  3. Continuing the Conversation:
    1. During the examination, the eye doctor reviewed the technicians’ notes and further explored patients’ daily routines to identify specific visual needs. By addressing problems patients were not aware had solutions, the eye doctor demonstrated genuine concern for their visual comfort. They were able to prescribe the precise pairs of glasses required for each situation.
  4. The Power of Prescription:
    1. The eye doctor recognized the significance of written prescriptions. Patients may not remember all the details discussed during the examination, so providing a written record served as a reminder of the recommendation for multiple pairs. It also conveyed the message that investing in additional glasses was worthwhile.
  5. Handing Off to the Optician:
    1. To reinforce the importance of prescriptions and promote the idea of multiple pairs, the eye doctor personally introduced patients to the opticians. They shared details about their various prescriptions and explained the purpose of each pair. This personalized approach further emphasized the value of owning multiple pairs.
  6. Same-Day Sale Incentives:
    1. The eye doctor’s practice recognized the financial impact of vision insurance on the first pair sale. To encourage the purchase of additional pairs, they offered discounts ranging from 30% to 50% off the second pair. This approach proved profitable, especially considering that many vision plans already offered discounts for multiple pair sales. Patients without insurance were presented with offers such as a “free” second frame with the purchase of a full set of lenses or discounts of up to 40% on multiple pairs.

Conclusion: By implementing these strategies, the eye doctor successfully educated consumers on the benefits of owning multiple pairs of glasses. Through personalized consultations, careful assessment, and incentivized sales, they not only improved the visual experience of their patients but also increased the overall sales of their optical business.

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