Assistant Roboto: Automate Appointment Reminders and Recalls

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By: Adam Stelzer, O.D.

In eye care we have a long tradition of mailing out recall cards and calling patients to remind them of their appointments. I remember getting these in the mail when I was a kid. My parents would use the canary yellow wall mounted rotary phone in our kitchen to call our optometrist to set-up the next appointment. We would then pile into our giant baby blue gas guzzling Ford conversion van and head off to the optometristโ€™s office (while playing checkers on the built in game table). Ahhhhhh the good ol days!

Every medical and dental office I have a visited in the last few years has been sending me text messages and/or email correspondence to confirm upcoming appointments and to schedule annual examinations.

Patients are demanding this type of communication. We are less sedentary as we become busier as a society, and we want to make decisions on the move; anywhere and at any time. Text messaging and emails are the new gold standard. Just like the elicited look of confusion if presented with an antiquated rotary phone to call someone, the majority of patients do not expect to be contacted via snail mail this day and age.

Finding a contemporary EHR system which will allow automation of text and email reminders for appointments is crucial to free up staff time to focus back on patient care. Having this directly integrated into the EHR allows seamless communication with patients. They can then easily text back into the system to confirm or reschedule their appointment.

Integration of automated electronic communication into the EHR also decreases the likelihood of technical glitches. With a system like iTRUST Cloud EHR & Automated Practice Management you will not have to worry that an additional third-party communication company will be charging excessive amounts for an add-on feature that has its own risk of technical problems; since it is not directly integrated into the program. Direct integration reduces your expense for this feature, decreases your concern for malfunctioning, and it also reduces a significant amount of staff time that would be dedicated to recalling and confirmation.

Make the move into the 21rst century and leave the antiquated recall cards as relics of the past!

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