Save time and money with iTRUST Pay.

Low Flat Rates Pricing

โ€ข Accept all forms of major payment.

Get a flat rate for all your credit card processing and make your office run more efficient.

โ€ข Require payment for online bookings

Dynamically adjust upfront payments to book on your website, and help reduce no shows.

โ€ข Automatic patient payment schedules 

๏ปฟMake more money in your sales by seamlessly giving your customers the option to pay over time. 

Quick setup for the most frictionless transactions.

iTRUST Pay allows your to have the most cutting edge payment experience while saving you money on your credit card processing fees.

Easy to understand pricing

โ€ข Keep more of what you make

Our transparent pricing model is simple and easy to understand, with no contract, hidden fees, or lock in contracts.

โ€ข Free updates to latest security

Effortlessly be compliant with your payments now and into the future at no additional cost.

โ€ข Get paid fast

Have access to your money quickly, as soon as you reach a minimum threshold you will get a payout.

Always supported

โ€ข 24 / 7 client support

We value you relationship and will be there when ever you needs us.

โ€ข Trust is in our name

Our softwareโ€™s commitment to delivering exceptional customer service has earned it a loyal and satisfied user base.

โ€ข Experts on your side

A dedicated team that goes above and beyond to ensure their needs are met.

โ€œiTRUST Pay streamlined my office, and now I save money, make more revenue and get paid quicker.โ€ โ€“ iTRUST provider

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