What is the future of optometry?

An Optometrist detects and examines the eye to check for any defects, visual inefficiency, disease, tissue damage, proper circulation of fluid in the retina, or other abnormalities with the help of observation and medical equipment. An Optometrists provides the view and a one-stop before an ophthalmologist as it examines and suggests the methodologies and prescription…
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What is the latest technology in Optometry?

Optometry is an eye-care profession that allows optometrists to examine the eyes for vision defects and diagnose them, like glaucoma. Defects in eyes and visions have been increasing due to extensive use of gadgets and increasing strain, leading to an evolution in optometry. Several technologies like Corneal topography, retina imaging, OCT scans, Visual field testing,…
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What is Optomap retinal exam? Optomap retinal exam is it safe? Is Optomap necessary?

ย What is the Optomap Retinal Exam?ย    Introduction   The only spot in the body where blood vessels can be viewed directly in the retina (placed in the rear of the eye). This implies that, in addition to eye disorders, the retina might show indications of other diseases (such as stroke, heart disease, hypertension, and…
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Are optometrists called doctors in Canada?

The distinction between an optometrist and an eye doctor is still debatable. On the other hand, this article will dispel any worries you may have about the significance of an optometrist. We shall first consider whether an optometrist is referred to as a doctor in Canada. Furthermore, if you are interested in studying optometry in…
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Do optometrists use technology? Reasons ODs should embrace new technologies in eye care.

ODs sometimes find it difficult to adapt as technology advances. Learn why adopting new technologies may be critical to keeping one’s practice relevant in the twenty-first century.   The use of new technologies has become essential to optometric care as optometry has progressed into the realm of therapeutics. Some of these are wavefront aberrometry, optical…
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