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What is Optomap retinal exam? Optomap retinal exam is it safe? Is Optomap necessary?

 What is the Optomap Retinal Exam?    Introduction   The only spot in the body where blood vessels can be viewed directly in the retina (placed in the rear of the eye). This implies that, in addition to eye disorders, the retina might show indications of other diseases (such as stroke, heart disease, hypertension, and…
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Do optometrists use technology? Reasons ODs should embrace new technologies in eye care.

ODs sometimes find it difficult to adapt as technology advances. Learn why adopting new technologies may be critical to keeping one’s practice relevant in the twenty-first century.   The use of new technologies has become essential to optometric care as optometry has progressed into the realm of therapeutics. Some of these are wavefront aberrometry, optical…
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