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What to Look For in an Optometry EHR

When deciding to move a practice into the 21rst century there are a lot of decisions to make. The first and most cost effective move is to implement an EHR program to reduce paperwork and protect your patients’ information efficiently. The best EHR programs will integrate a practice management system and automate a lot of…
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Optometry ehr software

What is EHR software?

Optometry Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems are becoming the standard method of practice management and record keeping in most practices today. There are numerous reasons why utilizing software for record keeping, charting exams, patient intake, etc. is better than the old-fashioned way – that is, paper charts. What we want to focus on, however, is…
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Get Some Satisfaction with iTRUST Cloud EHR

Managing patient satisfaction against patient’s expectations is a challenge for every office. We all know too well the ongoing struggle of balancing the challenges surrounding giving each patient the best care, which is what every practitioner strives for. Or at least, should strive for. That is particularly due to the heightened expectations as patient’s have the ability…
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Spring Cleaning: Purge Your Office and Surge the with iTRUST

April 19, 2019 By Adam Stelzer, O.D. Want to know the best way to kickstart your office spring cleaning this year? Start by checking out iTRUST’s revolutionary automated Practice Management and EHR! iTRUST will help you rid your office of all that extra paper laying around, clean off your shelves of endless catalogs, keep your…
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itrust optometry cloud ehr

Assistant Roboto: Automate Appointment Reminders and Recalls

By: Adam Stelzer, O.D. In eye care we have a long tradition of mailing out recall cards and calling patients to remind them of their appointments. I remember getting these in the mail when I was a kid. My parents would use the canary yellow wall mounted rotary phone in our kitchen to call our…
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