Improved Patient Care using EHRs

Technology today has taken leaps of improvement in health care and is an indispensable tool in our lives. Let’s take a look at the significant role in each activity that we perform.  It is well known that technology equips a significant proportion of medical research as well as medical procedures. However, an often overlooked part…
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Easy Ways to Call Patients for Recall

Are you getting your patients rescheduled for further checkups and other treatment guidelines? No? Then what are you doing? You are missing out on so much. Why Recall Patients? When taking the oath of an eye doctor, you pledge that the patient’s health will be your first consideration. But if you don’t recall your patients…
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Optometry Cloud EHR Online Patient Scheduling

Market to your patients anytime: iTRUST allows you place a “book now” button on your any social media page or your website. Thus, you tell existing patients and new patients that you are ready to serve them. No doubt patient love convenience, the iTRUST online appointment system becomes an one of a kind marketing tool.…
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Automate your Optometry practice

Automate your Optometry practice Automated appointment reminders are the quickest and easiest way to cut back on no-shows and connect with patients. According to studies one single no-show a day can cost your practice anywhere from $60,000 to $120,000 per provider in annual revenue. optometry appointment reminders can fix this—while making office staff and patients…
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2020 Optometry EHR Market Share (Pending Results)

By AOA AOA New Technology & EHR Survey New Technology & EHR Usage Among Optometrists The 2015 New Technology & EHR Survey was conducted in the rst quarter of 2015 to gather data on the current usage and awareness of technologies available for the optometric practice. The survey collected information on the clinical use of…
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