Do optometrists use technology? Reasons ODs should embrace new technologies in eye care.

ODs sometimes find it difficult to adapt as technology advances. Learn why adopting new technologies may be critical to keeping one’s practice relevant in the twenty-first century.   The use of new technologies has become essential to optometric care as optometry has progressed into the realm of therapeutics. Some of these are wavefront aberrometry, optical…
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Will AI take over Optometry? Can AI replace an optometrist?

Would optometry as people understand it persist for two decades? Would optometry play a part, and how would it be presented? By its very essence, technological progress is unsettling. It has traditionally led to significant shifts in the kind of occupations offered and in need.   We possibly live in the middle of the most…
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What the COVID-19 epidemic could mean for electronic health records?

The era of practice management may involve electronic medical records. ย  COVID-19 pushed us to quickly integrate innovative patient-centered care models, database management, and information sharing. Although digital health records (EHRs) have received mixed reviews, with much public attention focused on their flaws, high-functioning platforms at large organizations responded with the necessary modifications, including real-time…
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How much does it cost to build an optometry practice? Free Optometry Software, does it exist?

Starting a Private Optometry Practice The idea of starting a private optometry practice fascinates many Optometrists and Optometry students. But the cost of starting a business worries many. Starting a business and sustaining it can be difficult, according to entrepreneurs. So we have interviewed Jessica, who has 12 years of experience owning her practice and…
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Which software can be used in optometry field? Do opticians use software?

Maybe you have previously encountered Tarjei Vesaas’ famous quote, which essentially states that hardly anything has to be noted while you have sight (Norwegian poet and novelist). This quote emphasizes the need of having functioning eyesight. It is no surprise that the optometry business has lately been transformed by new technology and practice patterns. The…
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